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Anticipating the huge gap between the demand and supply of timber in the years to come, Mangalam Timber has been investing in large-scale plantation under India’s Farm Forestry and Private Public Partnership (PPP) Schemes.

Having started on a relatively small scale, Mangalam Timber has been adding over more than 6000 acres of coverage annually on an average basis across the states of Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Chhatishgarh.

So far Mangalam Timber has planted more than 43000 acres of land largely of eucalyptus species.

Plantations benefit all!

Mangalam Timber gets a ready source of raw materials of high and certain quality, at agreed prices.

Forest-dwelling communities, who are mainly tribal, get economic self-reliance.

India benefits from the extension of much needed green cover, natural antidote to global warming and air pollution, restoration of fallow or unused land to productive use, with no drag on scarce resources like energy.

Statistics of tree plantation

S No Year of Plantation

Area Planted
(in Acres)

1 2001 – 2002 1292
2 2002 – 2003 2311
3 2003 – 2004 3083
4 2004 – 2005 5665
5 2005 – 2006 8617
6 2006 – 2007 10489
7 2007 – 2008 11626
  Total: 43083